I had the pleasure of dealing with Damodhar in finding suitable investment opportunities in the global market. He has good sense of what people need when it comes to personal investments and equally understands the abilities(contd)

Sugeesha Dinushan

Financial Accountant

Damodhar, you have taken a great initiative in creating such financial awareness that would, i am sure, benefit many of us. Congrats and best wishes in keeping us educated and creating awareness that many of us lack.

Shiv Kumar Jayaram

Technical Category Manager, Firmenich

I am absolutely delighted to write this recommendation for Mr. Damodhar Mata from Nexus Insurance Brokers. I came across his financial advisory blog after meeting with several bank representatives who left me further confused about the available insurance policies, and hence I decided to do a deeper online research and find the facts myself. While reading the posts on Mr. Mata’s blog, I got a better understanding of what was available along with the long and short term benefits of the available options. Meanwhile, I also sent him an email and he was quick to respond and we met a few times before I bought the product.

We all need life and other financial solutions at different stages in life. I believe that I was lucky to find an advisor who was truly interested in understanding my needs, and provided the solution accordingly. I found him very knowledgeable about the products and also his regional awareness is a good value add – in our case it helped as we had just moved from Canada a few months back.

Mr. Mata’s friendly approach made us feel comfortable, which when compared with typical bankers is not at all pushy and target oriented. I will definitely use his services in the future and wish him the very best


from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Here is what a client has to say about my services after one year of engagement.

I sent the client a list of questions, seeking his feed back on my services as a financial advisor, and he answers are as below;

1.What would you say is unique about me, my services or my way of doing business?

I like your analytical approach to understand the requirements of the client by means of probing questions and come up with a recommendation. You were able to set clear expectations so that over-expectation can be avoided.  I am happy with your honesty on the returns and the charges that can be expected from the proposal and clearly, you are not overselling.

I think, this is due to the fact that you were focused on long-term relationship which made you explain sweet/bitter part of the proposal so that client can make up the mind before entering into long-term commitment.

What would you say is unique about me, my services or my way of doing business?

Professional,analytical approach and displayed good knowledge about the financial market in general.

2. In what way did I add value to the service for which I was engaged?

You spent more time in analyzing the requirements rather than jumping into the solution. Once you had clear understanding of the requirement, you started working out on the solution

3. In what ways did I make it easy for you to do business with me?

You were providing ample time for the client to make decision and not push like others.

4. Would you recommend me to others?


5. Should the opportunity arise, would you use my services again?





IT Manager, AT

Damodhar was referred to me by my friend who too would recommend his services. He was to the point, actually working with me to find the right insurance plan that not just fits my budget but also secures major chunk of the probable risks (contd)

Maneesh Mathews

Travel Management Expert

“We met Damodhar very coincidentally. SV was looking at some financial websites and popped into Damodhar’s portal. She asked for some queries and we got it. So it was over.
Then one day Damodhar called her and had some casual talk. Then Suja asked me whether we can meet him just to assess where we are.

I was against financial advisors / consultants as they try to force upon you some of their products and once met you will have follow up for months. Since she insisted I said ok.
So we met Damodhar and I found something different in him. He was not forcing anything on us. When we were discussing  he was casually asking us about the savings for us so far and then we realized that even though we had substantial savings there were gaps in critical areas.
So we asked him what we can do to cover the gaps and then he gave us options , told us to check  and get back to him if interested.
We did our work and finalized with him in a week.
We will recommend Damodhar to anyone as he is sincere in his approach , not trying to force you by selling his best product and always believes in mutuality. ”
BK and SV

BK and SV

Engineer, Mars

It was indeed a convinient to work wih him and he did have good solutions

Raman Sahani

Chief Financial Office, Uniworld FZE

“One of my friend introduced me to Damodhar for my financial planning needs.

I wanted to make sure to get trusted advice for my investments to get best returns and I am glad to get connected to Damodhar who went through standard steps of financial consulting without jumping on to advice which may not turn out to be the best.

He first understood my complete financial history, current investments, financial goals based on which he decided best financial strategy that I should adopt which I think is his USP.

He made me realize how my current investment were not in line with my financial goals and I need to have aggressive strategy.

He gave me enough time & no. of meetings to decide before any investment is made.

I am satisfied with his service and would surely recommend him for all financial planning needs.”

Dharmesh Soni

Senior Internal Auditor, Galadari Brothers Group

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