Smart Invest from Oman insurance offers a unique short term investment proposition, which is indeed hard to resist.

Short Term Investment – The key benefit

The short term investment starting at 2 years premium payment term is the key benefit of this plan. It allows you to plan an aggressive saving towards a particular goal.

While the premium payment term can be 2, 3 5 or 10 years, the plan Maturity is fixed at the end of 10 years, allowing you sufficient time in the market to benefit from its growth.

As an expat if you have a short term outlook of living in UAE, this plan would fit your financial situation ideally.

Oman Insurance – Smart Invest : Short Term Investment Plan

Key Features of Smart Invest

Wide range of Investment Funds

Oman Insurance offers a wide range of investment funds, from which you can build a well diversified portfolio of direct funds.

To know more about investment funds in UAE, please click here.

Profit Booking

Whenever the cash-value of the account is in excess of the amounts invested, you can withdraw the profits without any early redemption charges.

Age at Entry :

18 – 70 for plans with less than 5 years premium payment, and 65 Years for plans with 10 years premium payment.

Premium Payment Options

Single or Lumpsum Premium or Regular Premiums

Premium Payment Term

For regular Premium Option, Smart invest can be availed with a premium payment term of 2, 3 5 and 10 years

Maturity Term

Single Premium or Lumpsum investments have a flexible maturity term between 5 and 20 years. You can choose the maturity term based on your goals and needs.

For Regular Premium Option the Maturity is at the end of 10 Years.

Minimum Premium

USD 15,000 for Single or Lumpsum Investment

USD 450 Monthy(USD 5,400 Annually) for regular Investment Plans

Payment Frequency

Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually & Annually

Parment Options

Credit Card and Direct Debit

Premium Holiday

You can choose to temporarily stop your premiums for a certain period, after completion of 1 – 3 policy years depending on the term of the plan.

About Oman Insurance Company

Established in 1975 Oman Insurance Company (PSC) or OIC is one of leading insurance companies in the UAE. It has operations in UAE, Oman, Qatar and Turkey.

They offer comprehensive insurance solutions for both individuals and entities ranging from Motor, Health, Life to Marine insurance.

Their financial rating are strong, rated as Excellent by AM Best and A- Stable Outlook by Standard & Poor’s.


  1. The wide range of investment funds allow you to build a diversified portfolio, helping you beat inflation and currency depriciation.
  2. The flexible premium payment option of 2, 3, 5 and 10 years allow you to plan for diverse financial needs and goals, without worrying about challenges in competing the premium payments.
  3. The 10 years Maturity term allows the investment sufficient time to grow and absorb the market volatilities.

To know more about Smart Invest, or other investment plans in UAE, arrange a free Initial meeting with me.

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