While UAE ranks as the most preferred location for setting up a business in the middle east, in fact; one of the most preferred countries in the world, the different regulations of different Emirates, Mainland and Free zone locations can be quite confusing to an aspiring business owner.

Each Emirate has unique business setup facilities in the Mainland or in the Free zone, and Dubai in particular has multiple free zones catering to various industries. The plethora of choice can be overwhelming in many cases.

I saw this video describing an Iphone / Android application developed by KPI, providing a one stop shop for all information related to setting up a business in UAE.

KPI Business Advisors & Consultants is a well renowned Accounting and Advisory firm operating in UAE since 1992. They are engaged in many services including advising on Business Setup in UAE.

Both Iphone and Android versions of this application are available for free, please visit http://www.uaebusinessguide.com/ to download the app to your Iphone or android mobile.

If you like the video, please share and let me know if you found the Iphone or the Android App useful.



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