MetLife Alico in UAE has been catering to people and businesses fulfilling their protection and investment needs for more than 50 years.

Globally Metlife Alico is a leading insurance provider for more than 140 years, and the largest Life insurance provider in North America from 1909 till date.

International Savings Plan was launched in UAE in 2012, addressing the diverse savings and investment needs of UAE residents like; Retirement Savings, Child Education Plan, Savings for Property Purchase, Saving for Starting a Business, Wealth Accumulation, Currency Hedge, Savings for Migration etc….

A Unique, Flexible and a Rewarding Savings Plan for UAE residents.

A Unique, Flexible and a Rewarding Savings Plan for UAE residents.

Why International Savings Plan?

While the International Savings Plan provides a constructive platform, helping you reach your financial goals and aspirations via a systematic and disciplined approach to wealth creation, it also provides favorable insurance options protecting you and your family.

Product Specifications

Age of eligibility

1 month to 85 years old

Mode of Payment

Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or annually

Payment Term

5 to 20 years

Policy Maturity

At age 100 (Open Maturity Plan)

Premium Term (in Years)

Minimum Premium per month (USD)

5 – 7


8 – 10


11 – 20


What are the benefits?

Multiple Payout Options at Maturity

This plan can be availed with the following maturity payout
options, which can be selected anytime, till the maturity of the plan

• Lump Sum Payout

• Guaranteed Pension / Annuity for 20 years and for life thereafter. This is a very unique benefit offered only by Metlife Alico in UAE, where you can choose to convert your savings plan to a pension plan at the time of maturity.

• Partial Lump sum and Partial Annuity

Extra Allocation, Paid Upfront

Depending on the annual premium and the tenure selected, you will receive a rewarding up-front bonus which will substantially increase your account value from day one. For E.g. if you choose to save with International Savings Plan $ 1500 every month for 20 years, you get an upfront bonus of $ 10,800 allocated to your account on day one of the plan, irrespective of the premium payment frequency(Monthly / Quarterly / Annual)

Fund Persistency Bonus

Metlife Alico rewards its loyal customers with a fund persistency bonus as follows;



2 – 5


6 – 15


16 & above


Free Accidental Death Benefit:

In case of death of the policy holder due to an accident, Metlife Alico will pay the beneficiaries an additional 50% of the Account value, subject to a maximum of $200,000.

Additional Protection Benefits like Critical Illness Cover, Waiver of Premium, Spouse Term Rider, Spouse Pension Rider, Accident and ISP Protection can be optionally availed along with the savings plan to protect you and your family from loss of income due to death, disability or critical illness.

Diverse Investment Platform

International Saving Plan provides a secure investment platform designed to offer a wide range of professionally managed International funds across various asset classes and geographies. You can choose and customize your investment portfolio to achieve diversification and a balance between
growth and security.

You can also choose from Metlife Alico’s three investment strategies (Conservative, Balanced, Aggressive).

Access to cash when in need

When in need, you can take a loan for up to 80 % of the net Cash Surrender Value, after the second policy year, without cancelling the plan. You can also make a partial withdrawal after the first anniversary.

What aspects should I reconsider before signing on the dotted line?

  1. International Savings Plan is a Unit Linked Investment plan, hence is subject to market risks, so your choice of investment adviser has to be the best
  2. Choosing the right tenure of the plan, in line with your goal is the key to a good savings plan
  3. Determining your beneficiary at the time of setting up of the savings plan is crucial in terms application of the Shari’a law on the assets of the policy holder including this plan, on his death.

Should you need more information on Metlife Alico’s International Savings Plan, or any other insurance or investment plans, call me now on +97155-7701792 or write to me on for free financial review and unbiased advice, helping you choose the best savings plan in Dubai.


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