Medical Insurance Dubai : In current times medical costs are sky rocketing, and not having or having inadequate amount of health insurance cover can prove to be a huge financial disaster.

If an individual is unable to afford proper health care it could lead to poor health.

What is Health/Medical Insurance?

It is a Promise to

  •  Pay the bills in case of accidents, emergency treatments or regular medical consultations either as inpatient or outpatient
  •  Insure the coverage of specific medical services offered through specific network of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacies etc.

How Medical Insurance in Dubai Works?

The Client Pays a Premium or fee to be enrolled in the correct plan based on his/her needs

The Insurance Company provides cover and Pays the balance, after client has met the deductible and pay the Co-insurance (if any)…

Understanding Key Health Insurance Terms

In-Patient: The care of patients whose condition requires admission to the hospital

Out-patient: The care of patients whose condition Does Not require admission to the hospital

Pre-Existing: Any personal illness or health condition that was known and existed prior to the writing and signing of an insurance contract

Chronic: A medical condition which persists for a long period or indefinitely

Deductible: Amount you pay out of pocket on each visit, before the insurer will pay for the service (Nil – AED 50, 100 etc.)

Co-Insurance: Percentage share of cost, usually 10 –  20%

Choosing the Right Plan

The following aspects have to be planned before choosing the right plan;

Area of coverage:

Whether the insured needs only a local coverage, or if he travels frequently will he need medical cover in other countries. Medical cover in USA is very costly and the premiums for plans covering USA can be very high.

Any Pre-existing medical conditions:

If the Insured suffers from any from any preexisting conditions like diabetes, hypertension, he should disclose the same to his insurance broker or medical insurance provider, otherwise he could be denied cover at later stages. Based on the medical conditions the premium for the medical insurance is arrived.

Do you require enhanced Maternity Cover?

Plans which provide Maternity cover charge higher premiums, hence the insured needs to decide if the maternity cover is required or not. Most insurance providers have placed a 6 months to 12 months waiting period on the commencement of the Maternity cover.

Do you require Dental cover? Dental cover is optional and usually comes at a higher premium

What grade of Hospital Network do you require?

This aspect is very crucial and most issues of a medical insurance arise due to confusion on the network of hospitals. The Insured is advised to obtain a list of hospitals which are in the network of suggested medical insurance plans and ascertain if his preferred clinics or hospitals are a part of the list. The premium amount depends on the network of hospitals selected.


All medical insurance plans have certain exclusions and a good understanding of the exclusions is very important before deciding on the suitable medical insurance plan.

Medical Insurance Dubai

Medical Insurance Dubai

Need help in choosing the right cover;

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Medical Insurance Providers in Dubai

The following are some of the medical insurance providers in Dubai;

  •   ADNIC
    1. Covers Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent & Africa, Worldwide – Inc./Exc. USA & Canada
    2. Up to USD 4M annual limit
    3. Direct Billing (Deductible. USD 10/-)
    4. Pre-Existing conditions Covered with Loading
    5. Maternity Included
    6. Dental (optional)
    7. High network (American Hospital)
  •   Arab Orient – Mednet – Globemed
    1. Worldwide Including USA & Canada
    2. AED 1M annual limit
    3. Direct billing (Nil or AED 50/-)
    4. Pre-Existing NOT covered
    5. Maternity & Dental Included
    6. Variable Network
  •   The New India Assurance – Euromed
    1. Local – Regional & Worldwide option
    2. AED 100,000/ up to AED 1M
    3. Direct billing (Ded. AED 50/-)
    4. Pre-Existing NOT covered
    5. No Dental
    6. No Maternity – Only higher plans
    7. Variable Network
  •   AXA Gulf P.S.C.
    1. Local, Regional & Worldwide options
    2. From AED 250K up to AED 10M
    3. Direct Billing from day one
    4. Pre-Existing covered with Limits & Exclusions
    5. Maternity & Dental optional
    6. Variable Network
  •   Now Health International
  •   Noor Takaful
  •   AETNA
  •   BUPA
  •   ESDB – Expat Services

How to Apply?

Click here to arrange a meeting or call me on +97150-2285405.

What are the documents required?

  1.   Application form
  2.   Passport copy
  3.   Visa page copy
  4.   Passport size photo
  5.   Cheque/ Credit Card details

How long does it take?

  •   5-7 working days processing normal applications
  •   15-20 days for Underwriting (For cases with pre-existing medical conditions)


Claims are submitted whenever the client seeks medical consultation outside the network or if the plan is on a reimbursement basis

  • Documents required for the claim

◦       Completed claim form with Doctors signature and stamp

◦       Discharge summary

◦       Payment receipt

◦       Claims usually take up to one month to be processed


Cancellation of the policy can be done at any time and the refund varies from one provider to another. Either no refund at all, or refund on pro-rata basis

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What is the cheapest cover?

Basic cover excluding Dental and Maternity

  •   Can I continue with my medical policy, If i return to reside in my home country?

Yes, Now Health, Aetna, AXA, Bupa

  •   Can a baby be covered alone?

◦       No, Can a baby sign the application?

  •   Which provider covers pre-existing/chronic medical condition?

◦       ADNIC/ AXA

  •   Which provider/product does cover vaccination?

◦       Globemed/ AXA

  •   How long is the waiting period for maternity cover?

◦       9 to 12 months

  •   How long does it take to get my medical insurance card?

◦       7 to 10 working days

  •   Do you provide optical cover?

◦       No

If you need further information on medical insurance or if you want to apply for medical insurance;

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