Last week, I went to DU shop to pay my Du phone bill. While waiting for my turn, I overheard the DU representative talking to another client about the latest Smart Plan from Du.

I got Inquisitive, and when my turn finally came,  I inquired the Rep about the Smart plan, I was really surprised to hear about the plan, which goes as follows;


The Smart plan comes with Free flexible minutes, which can be used for all calls whether national, international (to 175 countries*) or even for receiving calls while roaming**.

The Smart Plan Smart 150 Smart 300 Smart 600 Smart 1000
Monthly fee (AED) 150 300 600 1000
Monthly national data benefits 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 10 GB
Monthly flexible minutes 300 (5 hours) 600 (10 hours) 1200 (20 hours) 2500
(41+ hours)
Activation fee (AED) 125 125 125 125

*International usage  above the allowance is charged at 2 fils per second. There are 48 additional destinations which are not included in the flexible minutes allowance, Calls to these destinations are charged at 4 fils per second. To learn more click here.

**du charges only in 175 countries, other charges as applicable on the visited network may apply.

How do these plans save money?

The above mentioned plans can really save us a lot of money, and I calculated the savings on the Smart Plan 300 as follows; as my usage is usually around AED 300 – 350 Per month;  for calls and data put together;

Du wow recharge

I usually buy 3 AED 100 value recharge cards, and recharge them as follows;

AED 100 as more credit WOW card for AED 125 call credit, providing me 416 national minutes

AED 100 for 1 gb data, under more data WOW card

AED 100 under more international WOW card, for AED 150 call credit providing me 200 international minutes.(For calls to India)

Under the Smart 300 plan,  I get 600 flexible minutes, which if i use as above;

200 minutes for International calls, and 400 minutes for national calls, I get 1 Gb more data, for which I would have to pay AED 100 more as a pay as you go customer.

Apart from the 1 GB extra data, what I like the most about this plan is the flexible minutes, which can be used for Incoming roaming calls or for international calls.Smart plan

Overall a very good plan, was very impressed and immediately converted my pay as you go DU connection to the Smart 300 plan.

Encourage the readers to evaluate their usage, to explore if the Smart plan will be useful in saving money or providing more for less. Please come back and leave a comment if you find this suggestion useful.

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