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Transcript of Understanding Critical Illness Cover of International Protector Middle East

Understanding Critical Illness cover of International Protector Middle East, From Friends Provident International
  • The Facts
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Claim Statistics
  • Next Steps
The Facts

The following statistics prove that Critical Illness or serious illness is not uncommon and it could happen to you.

  • Smoking, stress, junk food and lack of exercise are causing heart disease in UAE residents 15 years earlier than in western countries
  • One in 6 people in the world will have stroke in their life time
  • 60% of lung cancer patients in UAE are smokers
  • Cervical Cancer incidence is 3 times higher in UAE in comparison to US
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in the UAE

If it happened to you;

If you happen to be diagnosed with Critical Illness, and are unable to work and support your family financially, how would you manage?
Critical Illness Cover

International Protector Middle East’s Critical Illness Cover can provide you with;

  • A cash Lump sum, to help you survive financially, pay your medical and household bills
  • A prompt service and compassionate support in the event of a claim
  • Peace of mind, that you can cope financially, and focus on getting better

2011 Claim Statistics

  • Friends Provident International has paid 92.50 % claims in 2011
  • 48.7 % male claims are related to Cancer
  • 76.9 % female claims are cancer related
  • 27.6 % male claims were related to cardiovascular disease

Peace of mind guaranteed

With International Protector Critical Illness cover;

  • Your Finances remain intact and under control
  • Your lifestyle is maintained
  • Your recovery will not be hindered by financial stress

The Next steps;

Contact damodhar.mata@nexusadvice.com or +97150 -2285405 for;

  • An Interactive budget planner to help you decide how much cover you need
  • A detailed Guide to Critical Illness and Disability benefits
  • For unbiased advice on the most suitable life and critical illness cover
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