UAE is home to a relatively young population, predominantly expat, who are here for the tax-free income, better living conditions and unsurpassed infrastructure.

The young population is not only attracted to the good things of UAE, but alas is also affected by the evils like excessive Smoking, Drinking, stress and Obesity.

Smoking, Stress, Junk Food and lack of exercise are causing heart diseases in UAE 15 years earlier than western countries.

2011 UAE health statistics show that 38 % of the deaths in UAE are caused by Cardiovascular diseases, followed by External causes like accident, suicide and injury at 17 % and Cancer related Deaths at 16 %.

While these statistics are alarming, they fail to indicate the fate of the survivors of these dreadful diseases and their struggle to make ends meet.

Most of us fail to consider the financial implications of surviving or continuing to suffer from a critical illness like Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke etc.,

Advancements in the medical professions have resulted in vast improvements in survival rates following critical illnesses.

While this progress is much appreciated, it has resulted in millions of previously self-sufficient individuals struggling to meet their financial commitments, denting their confidence and crashing their dreams.

Is there a solution to this?

Leading insurance providers like Zurich, Friends Provident, Metlife Alico, Royal London 360 offer wonderful plans that cover as many as 35 critical illnesses. These are international provider and the plans they offer are portable, so one does not have to worry, whether he would be covered if he chooses to return to his home country.

Critical Illness Insurance aims to provide a Cash Lump sum, if the insured is diagnosed with one of the illnesses defined in the policy conditions, assuring Financial Peace of mind to the insured.

The claim procedure of these plans are quite simple and does not involve in submitting bills for claims, if an approved Medical Practitioner certifies along with relevant medical reports that the insured is diagnosed with a certain critical illness, the claim is paid by the insurance companies.

Any resident of UAE can avail a Critical Illness plan, for as low as 100 Dirhams a month, and protect himself from the financial disaster due to a serious Illness.

Some of the ailments covered by Critical Illness Plans in UAE are;

While Critical Illness Insurance can’t stop death or serious illness, but it can make dealing with the consequences a lot easier. Many of us already insure our homes, our pets and even our fridge freezers and mobile phones – so why not insure ourselves?

Call your Financial Adviser today to explore the most suitable plan, and make sure that your financial future is protected.

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