This post provides the updated Zurich Futura Critical Illness List.

Zurich Futura Critical IllnessWhat is Critical illness Benefit?

Zurich Futura Critical Illness Benefit protects loss of income due to a major illness or loss of independent existence.

What is does?

The Critical Illness Benefit pays a cash sum if you are diagnosed with one of the defined illness or disabilities. Or if you undergo a medical procedure covered by your policy( Major Organ transplant). The claim payment is made as a single lump sum.

Entry Age : The Entry age for this benefit is between 18 and 59. Most of the critical illnesses are covered till age 95.

Deferment Period : Zurich Futura Critical illness benefit has a deferment period of 90 days. Which means that this benefit does not start until 90 days from the date of risk commencement or the policy start date.

Maximum Amount : The maximum amount of critical illness benefit available on Futura is the lower of $1,250,000 or the life cover selected.

Inclusive Benefit : The Critical Illness Benefit on Zurich Futura is an inclusive benefit, which means that, the amount of critical illness claim paid, reduces the life cover to that extent.

For Eg : If a UAE resident has a Zurich Futura with $500,000 life cover and $400,000 critical illness cover. If they are paid a claim of $400,000 on diagnosis of a critical illness, their life cover will come down to $100,000, after deducting the critical illness claim.

Subsequently in the event of  death, their beneficiary will receive $100,000 as death claim.

Full list of critical illnesses

  1. Aorta graft surgery – for disease and trauma.
  2. Aplastic anaemia – resulting in permanent symptoms.
  3. Bacterial meningitis – resulting in permanent symptoms
  4. Benign brain tumour – resulting in permanent symptoms
  5. Blindness – permanent and irreversible
  6. Cancer – excluding less advanced cases
  7. Cardiomyopathy
  8. Coma – with permanent symptoms
  9. Coronary artery bypass grafts – with surgery to divide the breastbone
  10. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease – requiring continuous assistance
  11. Deafness – permanent and irreversible
  12. Dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) before age 65 – resulting in permanent symptoms
  13. Ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast – with specific treatment (partial payment)
  14. Encephalitis
  15. Liver failure – end stage
  16. Lung disease – end stage/respiratory failure – of specified severity
  17. Heart attack – of specified severity
  18. Heart failure
  19. Heart valve replacement or repair – with surgery to divide the breastbone
  20. HIV infection – caught in a specified country from a blood transfusion, a physical assault or work in an eligible occupation
  21. Kidney failure – requiring dialysis
  22. Loss of independent existence – resulting in permanent symptoms
  23. Loss of hands or feet – permanent physical severance
  24. Loss of speech – total, permanent and irreversible
  25. Major organ transplant
  26. Motor neurone disease
  27. Multiple sclerosis – with persisting symptoms
  28. Open heart surgery – with surgery to divide the breastbone
  29. Paralysis of limbs – total, permanent and irreversible
  30. Parkinson’s disease before age 65 – resulting in permanent symptoms
  31. Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension – resulting in permanent symptoms
  32. Stroke – with permanent symptoms
  33. Systemic lupus erythematosus – of specified severity
  34. Third-degree burns – covering 20% of the body’s surface area or 50% of the face’s surface area
  35. Traumatic head injury – with permanent symptoms
  36. Children’s critical illness

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